From January 22 to 30, the Cineteca Nacional of Mexico will host the 3rd edition of the Portuguese Cinema Week, organized by the cultural association Vaivém with the support of Camões - Language and Cooperation Institute and the Embassy of Portugal in México.

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All movies will be shown at 20:45h on room 10 of Cineteca, with Spanish subtitles:

Day 22 - Our Madness, by João Viana

Day 23 - Ama-San, by Cláudia Varejão

Day 24 - Djon África, by João Miller Guerra and Filipa Reis

Day 25 - Short movies by João Pedro Rodrigues

Day 26 - Morrer como um Homem, by João Pedro Rodrigues

Day 27 - Luz Obscura, by Susana de Sousa Dias

Day 28 - Terra Franca, by Leonor Teles

Day 29 - O Ornitólogo, by João Pedro Rodrigues

Day 30 - Spell Reel, by Filipa César

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