On May 21st in Mexico, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Portugal, Teresa Ribeiro, and the Mexican Sub secretary of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Julián Ventura, co-chaired a meeting for political consultations, where a balance was made of the bilateral relationship between the two countries in its different dimensions, debating issues of common interest of the regional and international agendas.

Teresa Ribeiro e Julian Ventura

In the meeting, the two parties agreed to work for the increase of trade, tourism and investment flows. They reiterated the responsibility of both governments in the process of modernization of the Global Agreement of Mexico with the European Union. Mexico reaffirmed its commitment to work with Portugal for the success of the United Nations Conference on the Oceans, which will be held in Portugal in 2020.

Consultas Políticas Portugal-México     SENEC e delegação portuguesa

The Mexican government issued a statement on the meeting that can be found here.

During her visit, the Secretary of State of Portugal also met with the heads of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, where the Portuguese Language is already relevant, in order to expand and reinforce the curricular offer. She also held meetings with Portuguese students and teachers, offering a set of books to the Portuguese Language Center of this University.

SENEC no Centro Língua Portuguesa ENALLT


Originally published on the Diplomatic Portal


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