The presentation of Portugal's programme as Guest of Honour at the Guadalajara Internatiocartaz filg 2018nal Book Fair took place on June 18 in Lisbon, with the presence of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva, the Minister of Culture, Luís Castro Mendes, the Commissioner of the Portuguese participation, Manuela Júdice, and FIL Director-General, Marisol Schulz.

In front of the numerous guests present at Palácio das Necessidades, the Commissioner Manuela Júdice announced the ambitious programme for the Portuguese presence in november's Fair, which includes the presence of more than 40 Portuguese language writers, nine nights of music, a cinema festival, three exhibits, two theater plays and concierts in other venues of Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The selected writers represent different generations of Portuguese literature, from award-winning names to young promises, and will maintain an intense schedule of visits to schools, books launches, reading sessions and meetings with their readers.

The authors that will attend the Fair are the following (listed alphabetically): Adélia Carvalho, Afonso Cruz, Alexandra Lucas Coelho, Ana Luísa Amaral, Ana Margarida de Carvalho, António Carlos Cortez, António Jorge Gonçalves, António Lobo Antunes (Premio FIL de Literatura in 2008), Carlos Reis, Dulce Maria Cardoso, Filipa Leal, Francisco José Viegas, Germano Almeida (Prémio Camões 2018), Gonçalo M. Tavares, Hélia Correia, Inês Fonseca Santos, Isabela Figueiredo, Isabel Rio Novo, Jerónimo Pizarro, João de Melo, João Luís Barreto Guimarães, João Pinto Coelho, João Tordo, José Eduardo Agualusa, José Luís Peixoto, Lídia Jorge, Manuel Alegre, Margarida Vale de Gato, Maria do Rosário Pedreira, Mia Couto, Miguel Miranda, Nuno Júdice, Ondjaki, Pedro Mexia, Pedro Serra, Ricardo Araújo Pereira, Rui Cardoso Martins, Rui Cóias, Rui Vieira Nery, Rui Zink, Teolinda Gersão, Valter Hugo Mãe and Vasco Gato.

The 20 years of the attribution of the Nobel Prize of Literature to José Saramago will be honoured by FIL and a new book of this great Portuguese author will be launched.


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Photos © Cortesy FIL Guadalajara available on their Flickr account

A different and more detailed version of this text was published in Portuguese and Spanish.

For more information about the Fair, please visit the Portuguese participation dedicated website.

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