Last December 3rd in Guadalajara, Jalisco, with the participation of H.E. the Minister of Culture of Portugal and H.E. the Secretary of State for Internationalization, it took place the handover cerimony of the Guadalajara International Book Fair, better known as FIL, which will have Portugal as Guest of Honor in its 2018 edition. (Mexican press coverage in El Universal newspaper.)

Passagem de testemunho FIL Guadalajara

In that occasion, the Minister of Culture of Portugal mentioned that “Portugal and Mexico have a lot in common” and stressed that “sharing labyrinths (…) we will find a good yarn to start working”, task that will be delivered to the team of the Commissioner Manuela Júdice (Casa da América Latina), to DGLAB and to a commission involving several Portuguese ministerial entities.

In November 2018, the city of Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, México, will be the house of the Portuguese language, with an intense program of literature, poetry, art, music and other expressions of the Portuguese culture, inspired by the sentence of Teixeira de Pascoais “O Futuro é a Aurora do Passado” (The Future is the Dawn of the Past).

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